With Mary Jane’s expert guidance and recommendations, we were able to launch our passion project into a recognized 501c3 non-profit that has tremendous potential for success. She has played a key role in our formation, fundraising, networking, and has helped us to create a model that is both functional and still keeps our mission at the center. Her extensive knowledge and keen awareness of proper non-profit practices have been instrumental in the rapid growth of our organization.
Mary Jane has a gift for finding the balance between passion and practicality when it comes to the longevity and achievements of an organization. Her experience, credibility, and dedication would be an asset to any organization lucky enough to glean from her wisdom.

Chrystal Smith
Founder/Executive Director, Foster Village Inc.

I had the pleasure of serving on an education foundation board with Mary Jane Hetrick and found her to be a person of tremendous integrity and positive energy. The board dealt with many challenges and she was always solution–oriented and quick to offer her expertise and sound judgement. I fully supported her run for the school board and admire the amount of time and effort she has committed to the district and the community at large. Mary Jane has served as a university professor instructing and guiding non-profit work and has a tremendous amount of knowledge of how non-profits operate. I feel certain that Mary Jane can perform outstandingly at any venture she participates in or directs.

John Doucet

Dr. Hetrick’s insight and assistance have been invaluable.

Derek Dion
President, Lockdown Basketball

In 2010, Dr. Mary Jane Hetrick, I and one other person began a local chapter of the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) in Montgomery, Alabama. Dr. Hetrick spearheaded the effort and oversaw all the initial and ongoing paperwork that was involved in opening this new chapter. She ensured that all the national guidelines were followed correctly and all regulations regarding finances, chapter format, website, media communication and goals were strictly adhered to at all times. Along with making sure that all guidelines were followed, she maintained her passion for the reason the group was initiated-to improve and empower the lives of our members who had celiac disease and to increase the knowledge and awareness of this disease in our community.

Pamela M. Green, RD, CDE
Manager, Baptist Health Center for Diabetes/Nutrition Education

I have known Dr. Mary Jane Hetrick since 2005 when she began teaching nonprofit courses in Troy University’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) program. Dr. Hetrick is an expert in practices in designing and implementing nonprofit competencies that advance knowledge and skills about the distinctiveness of nonprofit organizations, including their missions, stakeholders, operations, and the theories used to inform practice. I am confident her academic training, work experiences, and professional conduct will be an asset to any organization.

Ellen Rosell, MSW, Ph.D.
Retired, Troy University

Mary Jane served with me on the LAMPlighters’ Board of Directors from August 2010 through July 2012. LAMPlighters is a IRC §501(c)(3) charitable organization that supports the academic and athletic programs at Loveless Academic Magnet Program High School (LAMP) in Montgomery, Alabama.  Our children attended LAMP during that time.  Mary Jane worked with me, as President, and a local attorney to revise the LAMPlighters’ By-laws and Articles of Incorporation.  With Mary Jane’s expertise in nonprofit organizations, we were able to make the necessary changes to the by-laws to better reflect the LAMPlighters’ mission, and to allow for appropriate board size and make-up.  The changes adopted will serve LAMPlighters well for years to come.  Mary Jane’s knowledge was invaluable to the process.

Lyvonnia Poppell,
Principal, Tax Group of Jackson Thornton

I met Mary Jane Hetrick in a Master’s level Fund Development and Grant writing course which I taught. Mary Jane is a smart, gifted writer and intellectual. I recruited her to volunteer at the family violence center where I work.

Mary Jane researched foundation funding opportunities and met monthly to discuss them. Mary Jane brought the Sara Lee Foundation Excellence in Leadership Award Opportunity to one of the meetings. In addition to receiving national and local recognition for Excellent Leadership, the award had a cash prize of $25,000. It also would be announced at a big party sponsored by the Sara Lee Corporation at the beautiful local Museum of Fine Arts. But, you had to be nominated by an employee.

Mary Jane found an employee to nominate us and mentored the application. As a result the Family Sunshine Center was selected from a national pool. The award ceremony was attended by the Governor and mayor, as well as many of our loyal supporters. We would never have had this opportunity without

Mary Jane. She is gifted, smart and easy to work with and she will be an asset to any organization that avails itself of her talents.

Karen B. Sellers
Executive Director
Family Sunshine Center