As a donor, do you want more than a tax deduction? Do you have a keen interest in ensuring that your donations are used effectively in your chosen area of philanthropy?

Foundation Logic can be employed to train and guide your favorite nonprofit, building its capacity to achieve its mission. Nonprofits are usually founded and subsequently led by passionate people with a focus on solving a societal problem, providing assistance to a specific population, discovering new information or inspiring ways to help, etc. While there is frequently subject matter expertise regarding the organization’s mission, nonprofit leaders often need assistance with many areas that are simply foreign until someone guides them and builds their capacity for effective and efficient operations.

Alternatively, Foundation Logic can be utilized to match your donation interests with nonprofits demonstrating sound logic models and effective/efficient operations. Perhaps you see a need for a new nonprofit organization; we partner with accountants and lawyers as needed to launch from scratch with a solid foundation. Let us know your philanthropic preferences and we will partner with you to leverage your donations.

As a board member, do you feel like your nonprofit needs expert guidance on one or more areas? Is your organization in between directors? Is your executive director strong in one area but needs guidance for others?

Foundation Logic can focus on one capacity or many. What would an operational audit of your organization reveal? The first step to progress is determining what areas can be strengthened and then devising a strategy and timetable for improving effectiveness and efficiency. Demonstrable proof can then be provided to donors and grantmaking entities.

*What does your organization’s strategic plan look like? Is it something mentioned but never really employed or revised? What organizational strengths should be capitalized, what weaknesses can be mitigated, what opportunities should be pursued and how should the organization anticipate and protect itself from external threats?

*What does your organization’s fundraising plan entail? Is it being followed? Tracked year over year? Tied to a donor database? Does the plan cultivate or compromise the organization’s brand?

*What does your organization’s marketing plan encompass? Is it really just an advertising campaign or is there a true marketing methodology that reaches different constituent groups in ways tailored to them? Has a brand been attributed to your organization by default or is there an active strategy for brand cultivation?

*What is the strategy behind your donor appreciation plan? Does your organization segment your donor base and tailor messaging to donors’ preferences? To what degree is your donor appreciation plan tied to your fundraising and marketing strategies?

As a nonprofit executive, are you frustrated by your organization’s lack of success with grant applications?

Foundation Logic can examine past applications to discern weaknesses and areas for improvement and then apply that knowledge to future applications. We have a track record of success in writing winning applications as well as years of experience in reviewing grant applications to various entities. We can help you avoid common pitfalls that cause an otherwise solid application to not make it past the first round of reviewing. There are proven, proactive methods of preparing for any grant application as well as tips for how to analyze individual grant opportunities. The goal is to build the capacity of staff to write winning applications without future assistance as well as boosting the readiness of staff to jump on new opportunities without fear.

As a board member, do you want to fulfill your Duty of Care by ensuring that valid measures are utilized to measure performance?

Foundation Logic specializes in performance measurement; we will help break down hard to define goals into measurable components. Often, proxy measures must be devised due to factors outside of the nonprofit’s control. Underpinning the legal basis for Duty of Care is knowing the logic model for the organization, and how money spent in various activities/programs leads to achieving goals and objectives that in turn lead to mission accomplishment and the reason for the organization’s tax-exempt status.

–Or, do your grant writers need help devising valid performance measures for grant applications?

Most grantmaking entities today require that nonprofits demonstrate a willingness and ability to check the degree to which program goals are being achieved and demonstrate how those goals lead to mission achievement. [*see section on Success with Grant Applications*]