Dr. Mary Jane Hetrick has years of successful, effective experience working with the nonprofit sector—as a consultant, a volunteer, a board member and branch manager of a national nonprofit organization. Dr. Hetrick has helped people turn visions into reality by starting new 501c3 nonprofit organizations—networking with accountants, lawyers and subject matter experts as needed to ensure sound footing upon launch.

For over 12 years Dr. Hetrick has taught graduate level courses in nonprofit executive leadership, including specialty areas of marketing, grant writing, fundraising, performance measurement and strategic planning. While teaching she has written successful grant proposals to major foundations and has experience reviewing/judging grant applications for grantmaking foundations. Teaching and consulting dovetail to continually sharpen each area, from organizational analysis of strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats to building brand awareness to measuring performance. All of these areas build capacity to achieve goals and objectives that lead to mission accomplishment for any organization.

Dr. Hetrick’s Education

Dr. Hetrick earned a Ph.D. in Public Administration & Public Policy from Auburn University in 2004 where she was inducted into Phi Kappa Phi with a 4.0 GPA. She earned a master’s degree in public administration (MPA, 4.0) from Auburn University Montgomery in 1998, followed by Certification in Nonprofit Management from AUM in 1999. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) cum laude from The University of Texas-Pan American (now The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley) in 1991 while playing for UTPA’s Division I Tennis Team.

The business degree has been an invaluable anchor to her work in the public and nonprofit sectors, helping drive a focus on efficiency while also producing measurable effectiveness. Some of the nonprofit areas with which Dr. Hetrick has been involved in one or more capacities include domestic violence/shelter, civil justice, veterans, athletics, recycling, foster care and child placement, Celiac disease/gluten intolerance, health and wellness, historical preservation, the faith community, and multiple areas of education. Teaching master’s and doctorate level nonprofit classes has further exposed Dr. Hetrick to many other areas of the nonprofit sector. Additionally, Dr. Hetrick has a passion for lifelong learning and seeks opportunities for additional research as well as certifications, such as the MITx Certificate (2017) for Launching Innovation in Schools.

Dr. Hetrick is ready to put her combination of real-world experience, academic expertise and discernment to work for you!

Dr. Hetrick has a particular passion for connecting foundations and donors
to worthy nonprofit organizations that simply need to build capacity for more effective mission accomplishment.