Do you remember raising your hand in school when there was something you did not understand?

For most, asking those questions did not come easily as there is a very common fear that others in the room already understand what you do not. As any collegiate instructor will tell you, those questions absolutely should be asked to build your personal capacity to learn as well as benefit those around you. Likewise, nonprofit board members, directors and staff cannot be experts in all things; all volunteer or are hired based on different criteria such as subject matter expertise in areas of accounting, law, fundraising, etc.

  • For board members, the primary criteria if often as simple as the ability to give a significant amount of time or money.
  • For directors, the main reasons for being hired are often a track record of fundraising, a dynamic personality and/or direct experience with service recipients. For all positions, turnover is high in the nonprofit sector.

Given this backdrop for board and staff coming together to achieve an organization’s mission, there should be no shame and no hesitation to take a realistic assessment of the organization’s current capacity to achieve the mission.

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“Dr. Hetrick’s insight and assistance have been invaluable.” – Derek Dion, President, Lockdown Basketball